We are a creative gaming community

We started out as a Rocket League enthusiast group

Although Rocket League Hoops had a small fan-base, we stuck with it from Day 1. Just a couple of friends, a Discord server and hopes that one day Competitive Hoops would become a thing.

Then, we built a positive culture around productivity and friendship

We’re not just about video games. Our members support eachother in our creative endeavors while improving our social presence individually and collectively. Ever heard of our work parties? Getting buckets has grown to represent hard work and getting results; pursuing your dreams.

Nearly two years later, Psyonix released Competitive Hoops

Our prayers have been answered and there are more players interested in Hoops than ever before! We aim to be the community that continues pushing the message of positivity and “Getting Buckets”. 

A portion of our profits support our growth as a community

We are developing a sponsorship program for our Starstreamers and Squad members. Your contributions will go towards a rewards program and the continued growth of theHoopSquad community!